LaPiana Chiropractic   637 Washington Rd  Pittsburgh,PA15228   (412) 344-9940
LaPiana Chiropractic
637 Washington Rd
PittsburghPA 15228
 (412) 344-9940

Reviews Of LaPiana Chiropractic

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meghan dunbar
May 03, 2018

I currently work at LaPiana Chiropractic and am a regular patient here as well. Dr. Mike and Dr. John are two very intelligent doctors who know the ins and outs of the body and functions of the body. Symptoms I have had for ongoing weeks and months have been eliminated as well as gaining knowledge about what is safe for my body and my health success. Not only are they amazing doctors, but they are great friends. The staff is incredibly kind and welcoming and the doctors ACTUALLY CARE about their patients and their patients lives!!!! It is an extremely family- oriented office (with a kids specific room for parents and kids getting adjusted- the room is filled with toys and books to keep the kids busy as well as a wall chalkboard and character designs on the walls to keep the kids stimulated). Tuesday nights, Dr Mike also sees pets after 6pm. Overall, extremely welcoming, family oriented, fun, loving, happy place that is well kept and clean!!!! In the heart of downtown Mt. Lebanon- 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend for pregnant women, kids, elder pains, or any other situation looking for relief in day to day life and a knowledge of how your body truly functions. Your health (and ultimately happiness!) is the main priority!!!

Linnese Dawe
Jan 14, 2018

Not only do they keep my hips in place so my knees have less stress, but I am surprised to find that I have not had much trouble with my asthma. If I have problems coughing, after an adjustment I am breathing better.

Julianna DeBacco
Jan 11, 2018

Dr John and Dr Mike are quick and efficient! If you can get in with Lisa the massage therapist for 15 minutes before your adjustment, you'll leave feeling even better!

Lori Barr
Jan 04, 2018

Great doctors, no waiting, walk-in. I no longer suffer from migraines thanks to Dr. Mike and Dr. John.

Colleen Xenakis
Nov 02, 2017

No waiting, excellent therapy. Felt so much better almost immediately.

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